Posted by: bluerose113 | July 30, 2010

July 30th – Riders Leaving for Sturgis

Many members of the OFR are going to Sturgis for the first time.

I went to the OFR Thursday breakfast to wish them a safe and wonderful ride. Bob and I went in 1990 and have many wonderful memories of the awesome landscape and the great people we met out there. We aren’t going this year of course, but many of our friends are, including Jim Reera. Remember, he is our buddy from NH, the guy who flew to B.C to help Bob home after the accident is leaving next week. Hopefully I will get updates of their travels and can post them here for those of us not able to make it out there.

Here’s some pics from yesterdays gathering.

Joan Bradley & Don Burns (SOFR)

Frank Coughlin

John Flanagan , Ron Magadieu

Lou & Lorraine



  1. Wishing them a fun and safe trip.
    I hear that is the best Rally. Wish I could make it.
    Does OFR stand for “Out to Find Restaurants”? LOL


    • “Old Fart Riders” …. hahahahah


  2. Hi Lou:
    I’ve been following Bob’s ride ever since the start and I have enjoyed the story very much. Ironically, my wife and I ran into Bob at Shadleys the day before he left for Florida. We had not seen Bob since we left Brockton HOG 13 years ago. He hasn’t changed a bit.

    He definitely has inspired us to get out and ride more. How does one get into the OFR? Do you have to be a member of AARP? Only kidding, I hate to admit it but I’m a member.

    Thanks for the most interesting reading and detailed description of the entire journey.

    Kindest Regards,
    Brian Faxon


    • Thanks for the compliments! I’m glad Bob has inspired you to get back out there riding. You’ll have to talk to Bob about the OFR’s. I’m not sure how they came about… or you can contact Dana Petterson… he’s minding the store while the SOFR is in Sturgis.


  3. I wish I was going too! Jim and I went in 02 and had a memorable time. Loved the riding and that area of the country. It’s on my bucket list to get back there some day. I wish them a safe and wonderful trip!