Posted by: bluerose113 | August 3, 2010

Aug 2nd – OFR Heads for Sturgis ’10

Although Bob and I are not going to Sturgis this year, many of our friends are.

I will be posting some of their reports and pics here.

The Old Fart Riders of Hanson, MA will hold their weekly Breakfast and Ride on Thursday, August 5th at 9:00am. Breakfast at Sam’s Restaurant, Rte 27, Hanson, MA followed by a ride to somewhere unknown at this moment.

Sturgis News – There are four groups heading out:

Unit#1: Ray Kaudy, Mike Blonde, Steve Cohen and Billy Jaques.

Unit#2: John Flanagan, Jack Duggan, Jack Deloid, Frank Coughlin, Jack Morrison and Ron Magadieu.

Unit#3: Sweep #1: SOFR and SOSOFR; Sweep#2: Bob Holmes and Joe Cummings

Unit#4: The “Fartettes” are flying out to Sturgis.

So far, On Sunday, Unit #1 had stopped in Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock and Roll Museum. Unit #2: As you might expect, did 500 miles the first day. Please note the photo.

Today, a photo and text arrived from a coffee stop(not DD)in Youngstown, OH. The text included a list of new nicknames with the explanations.

a.) Flanagan is now “Transponder” John. It appears that the transponder on his windshield came off and bounced down the road for a bit. Oops.

b.) Duggan is now known as “Bags”. Forgetting to secure his saddlebags earned him this reward.

c.) Morrison is now called “Tumbalina”. Story is that he was so busy chatting with on-lookers that he forgot to put the kickstand down. He is ok.

d.) Magadieu, because of his meeting-up practices is now called Ron Cohen.

e.) Last, but not least, Coughlin is called “Lola”. Because he bunks with Ron Cohen.

Please understand that I am only reporting the news. I trust on this trip I will not be in the news. As always, OFR shows no mercy.

Unit#3 leaves on Wednesday.


starting out

Unit #2

Unit #2 500 miles