Posted by: bluerose113 | August 7, 2010

Aug 6th – OFR update

Although Bob and I are not in Sturgis this year, many of our friends are, so I will post their updates here as well as our own adventures.

As of 6 Aug 2010. Unit 3 is 1 day from Rapid City, did a 537 mile day.

  1. Unit 1 was at Wall Drug.
  2. Unit 2 was in Rapid City.
  3. Unit 4 arrives by plane 7 Aug 2010.
  4. All units should hook up on 7 Aug. 2010.
  5. SOFR quote of the day “OFR Rules”

Source: Dana P. (acting SOFR)

NOTE: Dana is also posting more details on Facebook.



  1. Im sooooo jealous