Posted by: bluerose113 | August 1, 2015

Saturday August 1, 2015

I had a great barbeque last night. Three friends of Lizzard’s showed up from his old biker club. I didn’t get pics… you know me, forgot. But, I’ll probably see them again, maybe Sunday. Today I’ll go to see the Rio Grande River.

I think I’ll leave Monday AM to start homeward. Probably start with a visit to San Antonio to see Jim Hechtler. Gary’s been with relatives in Chattanooga. Monday he’ll start heading west towards Arkansas.

You know how much I like to munch ice after drinking something? Well, down here it’s soooo hot I haven’t had any ice ever left, it’s usually gone 1/4 way into the drink.

Dewey has been calling checking on me everyday since leaving his place.

(My text to Bob – He’s a good guy, he’s worried you’re not used to the heat every day. I think the kids are following through Facebook posts. Are you riding with LIzzard today, or does he have to work?)

Bob – He works form 4-8 AM getting the mail ready to go. He has no class today so he’ll be here about 9AM, then we’ll go out like I said to the Rio Grande for pics. Maybe we’ll see some border patrol gun ships or swimming Mexicans.



  1. Good thing you didn’t come into Florida. We have had so much rain that they are declaring a state of emergency in the local area.


    • Yikes! Are you safe?