Posted by: bluerose113 | August 1, 2015

The solenoid problem

 “Brothers from anutha mutha” *-)



We went to the mechanics shop today. Victoria Harley Davidson missed putting the gasket on right. See where it broke… and the starter work they did wasn’t right either. Just an accident waiting to happen.

mechanic 2 mechanic 1

Now being fixed by “Dirty Dave” – awesome Harley mechanic. He was awesome. He found stuff to repair just from looking…. recommending Dirty Dave’s Harley Repair in Edinburg, Texas.

Lizzards mechanic

[Lou’s note -I asked Bob where are the group shots, selfies? His reply “Too hot to think”]



  1. SO HERE I AM IN NM WITH MY BAGS PACKED WAITING FOR YOUR CALL TO MEET YOU IN TX AND YOU ARE LEAVING! Without even calling to say good by. We were a mere 400 miles away, What happened?


  2. Where’s Gary Fitz?