2016 The Alps Tour

We’re at it again! Traveling for the month of September to the ALPS!

Bob has always wanted to go back to the area since the 60’s when he was stationed in Germany and traveled those roads. Our crazy friends Paul & Barbara Connolly were interested in joining the adventure so we started looking for transportation for the bikes and us in July 2015. There were options for shipping by boat but we heard horror stories about having to wait terribly long times to get your bike unloaded from the containers when you got where you were going so we were not interested in that. We came across a company online that said they will fly you and your bike together! Yay! Just what we wanted.

Several conference calls, many emails, and numerous planning meetings ensued over the past year. Now we have more paperwork than we’ve ever had before to make a trip anywhere, but we are good to go!