Posted by: bluerose113 | September 2, 2016

8/30/16 Part Two

We left Honey Dew in Abington at 6:00 AM. The weather is comfortable in the 50-60 range right now, expected to be in 70’s today. Bob found his usual back roads around almost all of the traffic of the morning commute. We got to Cliff’s Cafe about 10:30. Perfect coffee stop. We continued on more great roads making excellent time to one of our favorite stops, Dot’s of Dover, VT. Pancakes, eggs, coffee, fun chats with the waitresses (especially Betsey Reagan, she remembers Barbara, Paul and Bob from many past visits), and some fun pics in the famous BIG chair.

Next stop 2:45PM, the Rochester Cafe in Rochester, VT for ice coffee, iced tea and hot black for the boys. The excellent weather continued all day and followed us to St. Albans where we arrived at about 6:30 PM. We got rooms at the Cadillac Motel (99.00) and went downtown for a bite to eat at the most popular place which was recommended to us, Twigg’s Pub. Burgers, beer and sex on the beach for Barbara!

All in all it was a great riding day except for Barbara losing the cables out of the outside pocket of her camera bag. Bob also discovered he forgot his cable to charge his phone ( he has the charger for the bike but not one for a wall outlet.




  1. Sounds like fun so far. Continued happy riding. stay safe.

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