Posted by: bluerose113 | September 3, 2016

9/1/16 Every Day is an Adventure

Today the plan is to go to “Old Montreal“. We met for breakfast at 7:00 am in hotel cafe. We took the free shuttle to the airport and bought a three day bus pass for $18 ea. The bus into Old Montreal reminds Bob of the train ride into Boston, traffic, run down warehouses, and three-decker houses. The ride takes about an hour and we arrive at 11:30. First stop is a cafe for the usual, 2 small blacks, 1 ice tea, and 1 french vanilla latte.

We started roaming around the streets and headed for the port. There wasn’t too much there unless you wanted to take a boat ride. We went back to the main drag where there were lots of restaurants, souvenir shops and other tourist stuff. It reminded us of Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Then we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral of Montreal. We were told it is modeled after the one in Europe. Bob and Paul opted to wait outside. Barb & I went inside. We thought is was magnificent!! There were many people inside sitting in the pews, listening to the organ music (which was so loud at some points it made me jump), praying, lighting offering candles and taking pictures. We took lots of pictures. Before leaving I said a quick prayer for a safe trip and a prayer of thanks for being able to see this beautiful church. I prefer old churches to the modern ones.

When we came out we found the guys unwilling to move along because they had promised some college girls to mind their bikes while they went somewhere. So we all waited till they returned before we moved along. We continued around checking out the statues, fountains, and the people. By four o’clock we were looking for a cold drink so we sat for dinner in one of the outdoor cafe’s. Salads and Sangria and Pork dinner and everyone was happy.

We started back to the bus stop and arrived at 7:00 pm. The buses are supposed to run on the sixes every twenty minutes (7:06, 7:26, 7:46…) We didn’t see a bus until 8:00 pm and it was crowded! It took 1 hour to get back to the airport. Barb & Paul were chatting with a woman who was from Montreal but moved to Switzerland 12 years ago. She was back visiting family and offered some great tips for our trip. We were exhausted after all the walking, waiting and bus riding.

We got to the airport and searched for the holiday Inn shuttle to get back to our hotel. It’s a good thing I took a business card from the desk at the hotel, I showed it to each driver to make sure they were going to OUR Holiday Inn (there were several of them in the area). We got back at 9:45pm and the guys wanted appetizers so we got a small cheese pizza in the cafe and some French macaroons to nibble on. We hung out until about 10:30 laughing about the day and then went to bed.

We decided we were not going to use the bus tickets again because it takes too long, and we didn’t want to go back into the old city again anyway.