Posted by: bluerose113 | September 3, 2016

9/2/16 – Killing Time at the Mall

We slept in today and headed for breakfast at 9:00 am. The plan for today is to find a mall to pick up a few forgotten or lost items. Paul is very good at looking up stuff on his iPhone and getting the locations etc. The Restaurant/Bar Supervisor, René Gionet is very nice and has been chatting with us about our plans. He wants to fit in our travel bags and go with us.(LOL) When we asked about cabs for the mall trip he offered to drive us if we could wait till he was off at 11:00 AM. We all thought, “What a nice guy and he likes us”.

The mall trip was a success for the most part – Bob s pissed that his phone isn’t working the way he thinks it should so he is being moody. It’s time to find some food and there is only a food court and one real eat-in restaurant/pub in the mall and it doesn’t open until 3PM. Paul finds McKibbon’s Irish Pub in the area and calls a cab to get us there. It turns out it’s across the street at another smaller mall, but the street is a kind of major highway and we weren’t interested in walking there anyway.

This pub was great! Super food and service. We are now just killing time – it’s 3:30 and we’ll just be going back to the hotel when we’re ready. Paul found out it would be a $40 cab ride to get to the nearest Harley dealership to buy a t-shirt so that’s not happening. He called a cab around 4:30pm. This guy took a different highway back and avoided all the traffic of rush hour, we were back in 20 minutes.

Bob went to bed. All the walking of the past two days was killing him. He has a bad ankle and back issues that bother him a lot. Paul limps his way around and takes lots of ibuprofen, Barbara is running a marathon and is the winning horse way out in front of the rest of us. I have feet, knee and hip issues so I just move slower that I used to in general.

Paul went up to pack while Barb and I did laundry so we have everything clean to start in Paris. We hung out in the lounge while the laundry was getting done.

At 8:00 pm I had an appointment for a mani/pedi. The young woman was from Bejiing, China and moved to Canada 12 years ago with her girlfriend from université. She set up her own business and offers manicure, pedicure, facial and massage by appointment at the hotel. We chatted about leaving family back in China and learning the languages here. She said it was hard for her to learn French but she was taught English as a child in China. She was very nice and did a great job.

By 10:30 I was done and off to bed.



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