Posted by: bluerose113 | September 3, 2016

8/31/16 Heading for the border

Bob was up at 3:00 AM (ugh)! It poured torrential rain last night and continues to downpour in spurts.Luckily Bob had pulled the bike in under the overhang in front of the room so we didn’t have to pack in the rain. We left at 6:00 am to downtown looking for coffee but nothing opens until 6:30 so rather than sit around we doubled back to the Dunkin Donuts near the highway. While we were inside it poured rain. We headed out after it passed and traveled Rte 7 through St. Albans and the rush hour traffic onto Rte 36N to Rousse Pt., NY. Just before the border crossing there is a nice place to eat, Best Friends Diner. We had a nice breakfast and chats with the waitresses and some of the patrons who were curious about our travels. We make friends wherever we go!

Bob was talking to an old-timer outside as we were leaving and told him he liked his shirt, “Old age comes at a most inconvenient time”. We all liked it. The two guys were from Canada and Vermont and told us about the people they know who ride motorcycles. Everyone knows someone.

We crossed the border without a hitch! YAY! We found our way to the Holiday Inn Montreal Airport and unloaded the bike. Barb and Lou checked in the gear up to the rooms and PAUL & BOB WENT ON AN ADVENTURE!

The assignment was to use up their gas and empty to less than one gallon. Then go to a car-wash and clean the bikes, then go to the shipping company at the airport to check the bike in for inspection and shipping to Paris.


They went to the shipping location first to make sure they knew how to get there before depleting the gas in the bikes. Then to the car-wash. On the way, Paul has his nose tot he GPS and Bob had his nose bent out of shape gawking at a girl in spike high heels and a mini skirt who was looking at him from across the street. He almost crashed into Paul who, in his own words, was oblivious and pissed he missed that sight!

Paul decided to skip the riding to burn off gas and found a gas station to borrow a hose and can to siphon out the gas. Al the guys at the station were helpful and interested in the trip.The first thing he did was get a full mouth of gas and choked and spit it out. He frantically told Bob to go buy a bottle of water somewhere for him. Bob went to a Little store and the girl behind the counter wouldn’t charge him for the water and kept smiling at him. When They were leaving the attendants last words to Bob were, “I hope he didn’t take too much gas out.”

They left and got stuck in terrible traffic, Paul missed their exit and they had to U-Turn to get back to where they needed to go, back into the traffic. They were less than a mile from the airport and Paul ran out of gas! A few sputters and it was over. Luckily it happened near a small engine repair shop. Paul asked for some gas and the guys were all very helpful and loved talking to Paul & Bob. Off they went to the air freight office. The guys here were also very nice. They all either rode M/C or knew someone who did. They were admiring the bikes and were happy to show Paul & Bob just how they would be strapping and securing the bikes for flight. They also shared what Bob & Paul to make sure to tell the shipping company what to do on the other end for the return flight to safely ship the bikes.

Four and a half hours later they were back to the hotel by way of a cab. They found Lou and Barb in the lobby dining area having soup and wondering where they were and what might have happened to them. They both came in laughing and couldn’t wait to tell us of the comedy of errors they experienced. In the end they both felt better knowing the bikes were in good hands.

Dinner started at 5:00 pm so we decided to eat early. Just when we were about to order the power went out. No lights, no wireless, no kitchen cooking, no A/C. A storm went through and knocked out everything. The bartender/waiter offered us the buffet as it had already been set up. The staff were running around lighting candles for the buffet and tables, we used our phone flashlights to see the buffet. It was all pretty funny and the staff were very accommodating. We just hung around in the restaurant after dinner. The power came back around 9:30pm.

Barbara is “nudgey”, Bob’s tired and “nudgey”, Paul is embarrassed, and I have writer’s cramp. It’s back to the room for TV time.

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