All About Bob

This is the biographical essay I sent  July 28, 2009 with my application to ride in the Hoka Hey 2010 M/C Challenge.

Bob Nesson; age 59; married with three daughters, one dog; occupation – Locksmith; Location: Whitman, Massachusetts, USA; riding since 1965; recent ride: 2400 miles, 8 day riding vacation with friends.

I have been riding since I was sixteen years old. When my father told me that I couldn’t have a bike as long as I lived at home, that didn’t stop me. I kept my bike at a friend’s house down the street on the dead-end road.

I caught the “bug” and have been riding ever since. My first Harley was in “74” and I never looked back, although I also ride a “Beemer”.

Ever since I heard of this challenge my hair has been standing up on my back. Everyone that knows me well, knows how I love to ride. It’s never really mattered where I rode as long as I was moving and not stopped.

I ride every Sunday, all year, which is a feat in the northeast. My usual Sunday rides range from 300-500 miles, depending on the time of year.

In 2003 I went across the country. In 30 days I rode 14,000 miles. I thought at the time that it was the trip of a lifetime until I heard about the challenge, now this would be.

The current Harley I own and would ride in the event is an ’88 Heritage with 191,000 miles on it at the moment (7/29/09). By the time of the event it will probably have about 220,000 miles on it an I have always had all the confidence in the world in it. The only reason the bike doesn’t have more miles on it is because my ’82 Beemer has 318,000 miles on it.

I would be honored if accepted for this ride.

Thank you,

Bob Nesson

NOTE: Bob and his wife Lou are Lifetime members of The Harley Owners Group. Bob is a founding member of South Shore HOG MA Chpt #2126, a member Blue Knights International M/C Club MA I, Yankee Beemers M/C Club and Old Fart Riders (OFR). Bob is also a past member of The Vikings M/C Club, The Mass Confused M/C Club and a few others that will come to me later. Bob is a Vietnam era Veteran.