My Calendar

This is my calendar of events for the ride.

More events & my locations as they happen.

7/26/2009 – Sent application and fee to participate in ride to Hoka Hey Coordinators.

8/15/2009 – Received acceptance letter!

9/26/2009 – Surprise 60th birthday party / fundraiser

1/1/2010 – 6/1/2010 – numerous meetings with friends and sponsors to make arrangements for supplies and  transport to Key west, FL, and reservations for Alaska.

6/3/2010 – blog started

6/6/2010 – trailer arrives for loading bike.

6/13/2010 – Hoka Hey Send-off party for friends & family – come and wish me luck!

6/14/2010 – depart home at 7:00 PM in pick-up with trailer accompanied by Jack Duggan and Dana Pettersen.

6/15/2010 – arrive in Darien, Georgia (rest for the night in motel)

6/17/2010 – we arrive in Key West, FL. (Lou is flying down to meet us today).

6/18/2010 – bike gets inspected and paperwork approved by Hoka Hey officials. Party begins!

6/20/2010 – Bikes leave en mass from Key West, FL for the first leg of the trip. Lou flies home, Jack & Dana head home with truck & trailer.

6/21/2010 – Georgia

6/22/2010- Alabama










7/2/2010 – Lou arrives in Homer, AK.

7/3/2010 – Lizzard and Bob arrive at the Hoka Hey Finish Line at 2:12 PM; Lizzard is #157, Bob is #158.

7/4/2010 – Took Bob’s bike to Soldotna H-D to change both tires, visited the Exit Glacier in Seward. Missed the Hoka Hey Party in Homer.

7/5/2010 – Lizzard leaves for Anchorage to fly home and ship his bike. Bob & lou visit Anchor Point (the furthermost western point of the united States reachable by road) and Homer Spit.

7/6/2010 – Bob leaves at 5 am for Anchorage to get a timing chain replaced & meet Rick Curtis. Bob makes it to Tok, AK by night. Lou leaves for Seward to view glaciers by boat.

7/7/2010 – Bob heads down the AlCan Highway, he is unreachable by phone. Lou takes boat tour and then drives to Denali and arrives at 11 pm.

7/8/2010 – Lou tours Denali National Park & Preserve and stays in Cantwell for the night. Bob is unreachable by phone. Bob has accident around noon. He hit a bump in the road that moved him into the soft shoulder where he lost control of the bike. He injured his right ankle but was able to crawl up to the roadway where a passing driver picked him up and took him to a resort that had a medical room. Lou gets text from Bob at 2:12 am that he had an accident and packs and heads for Anchorage.

7/9/2010 – Lou flies out of Anchorage at 3 pm to Seattle and then at 10:30 to Boston. Bob is in a motel opposite the Smithers, BC H-D dealer. Bike is being evaluated.

7/10/2010 – Lou arrives in Boston at 6:33 am and goes home to sleep.

7/11/2010 – Lou is home updating blog and trying to arrange to get Bob home from Smithers, BC.

7/12/2010 – Lou is back to work. Finally, arrangements for picking up Bob & bike are done. Took all day until 10 pm to finish.