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Welcome to Lizzard’s in Texas

Sunrise form Lizzard’s veranda and his wolf dog (very old).property 6wolf dag

It’s like a zoo down here. Six dogs, 1 cat, a gerbil, 2 horses and an iguana. They rent this awesome place. Their awesome rear (so-called) deck is all cement and rivals any barroom patio. That’s where they have their backyard parties. His part-time job now is with the post office. He left at 4:00 AM. After he has class  so I won’t see him until noon. Then he is taking me to his buddy (Harley mechanic) to repair bike and change engine oil.

I haven’t noticed the cat, but I can’t even move around the house without one dog starting barking and then all the others joining in. There are Border Patrol vehicles and helicopters all over the place.

The only way upstairs is a spiral staircase… killer.

property 7

Here’s the signs greeting you on the property.

property 1 property 2

Here’s some pics of the property and zoo members…

The party verandaproperty 4

Dusty zoo 5

The fortress

property 3

Making friends – until he started munching my hair!

zoo 4horse munching Bob's hair zoo 3 zoo 2

Lizzard Jr. – aka Wally, short for wallet because if it screws up its going to be one (because when Lizzard goes near it, it blows up and tries to whack him with his tail – he’s 4 ft long). He stays in the cage, he actually dislikes Lizzard.

zoo - lizzard jr - Wally


These are the neighbors cows.


zoo 7 zoo 6


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Thursday 4:33 AM

Up and outta here, got the last text last night. It’s 81* and 87% humidity. I think the solenoid went on the bike, I had to get a helpful person at the coffee shop stop to help push start me. I’m now at Victoria HD waiting for it to open.ferry 5

Here’s a pic of the oil fields at night.

oil fields at night

I had a healthy breakfast while waiting.

ferry 4

Here I’ve been waiting at dealer for them to open wondering where they are, it’s 8:45 Am and nowhere to be found. IDIOT!!!! The time zone didn’t change on my smartphone. Who the hell knew you had to set it? It’s automatic on my cheaper flip phone!

2:31 PM – On the road again, finally. I got to 50 miles away form Lizzard’s house and discovered Harley fixed my problem but they did something wrong to the gasket on the primary, it’s leaking like a sieve all over bike. I didn’t notice it for about 80 miles. 8-(

11:18 – Been here with Lizzard and Mrs. Lizzard, I’ll send pics when I get around to it. 2600 miles, visited 2 other friends, never went over 60 mph (as you know), and still got here 2 days ahead of schedule. About 400 miles on interstate, the rest was all back roads. (Lou – Awesome – That’s some saddle sore riding! Average 433 miles each day).


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Nothing like waking up to 100* heat at 5:00 AM

Abita Springs, Louisiana is hot as hell! MY friend Dewey has to work and then has medical appointments so I’m off again. Heading towards the Lizzard.

Gary Fitz is riding around the western states and when I’m coming up from Texas we’ll start texting and catch up with each other.

The bike is riding like a champ down here. Most stations have NO ethanol.

I thought seeing Dunkin Donuts everywhere was over… then BAM! In Baton Rouge there it was! Yesterday I went through Coffeetown, GA. It was my kinda place. Nowhere to take a safe picture

On through Bogaloosa, LA. It had to be the poorest town I was ever through. ;-( Reminded me of old pics in magazines from the 20’s. I didn’t want to stop to take any pics, I didn’t think they’d like it.

I went on and stopped in Grosse Tete for coffee. After 2000 miles this was the first pburnt toast Louisianalace that made my toast how I like it, customers were roaring laughing.

I came 190 so far, heading south to Galveston Island.

I’m still trying to figure out Dewey’s directions yesterday. He had me turn every which way last night. Turns out he knows no roads near him except into town and the road to his work. I came into town and called him to see where he was. He told me to turn left, turns out if I went right he was was 100 yards down on the left. I went about 13 miles each way to get back to him. What a “putz”. Wrong turns can lead to alligator fodder! I’m in the Bayou. It’s just swamps. When it’s safe I’ll send some pics. Most roads have no shoulder and very narrow and crazy drivers down here.Molly at Cajun HD

“By the way, Tom Brady news sucks”.

Had to get on I10 from where I stopped. No there roads over Basin. I was going to get off in Lafayette and go through park but found out the road was ruined from the last hurricane and not repaired. Getting off in Winnie to do it through Galveston Island. That stretch of road I10 sucked, my teeth were chattering!

Stopped at Cajun Harley Davidson on the way. This is Molly.

This is the Bayou…

bayou 1 bayou 2 bayou 3





I’m heading for the Ferry now, here’s a pic of my bike on Bolivar Peninsular. “The ride all the way down the peninsular was awesome.”heading for ferry





“Funny how the sign entering Texas says “drive friendly like Texans do’… and they are the worst since Connecticut!”

6:52pm –  The ferry ride was great but too short. I met a couple on ferry that happened to be in Homer, Alaska when Hoka Hey came to its end. They started talking to me when one saw the patch. The only problem, it was at the end of ferry ride and I had to get down off the tower as my bike was 1st to get off. I got no names and didn’t have time to give them the blog address. They were from Texas. Too bad we didn’t meet 10 minutes earlier. Here’s some pics and the healthy breakfast I had while waiting.

ferry 3ferry 4 ferry 2 ferry 1

Tired of waiting out a storm, I won’t get off my road, Rte 35, for 2 hours, falling asleep waiting so I’ll call it a night in Angler,Texas… about 5 hours from Lizzard’s house.


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Bye Ron & Mary

7/26/15 – Left Ron & Mary’s at 5:38 AM in order to beat the rush hour through Atlanta, which BTW looks great at night. Got of the highway in Newnan on Rte 34 for coffee while waiting for the sun to come up. It doesn’t usually get light around here until 7:00 AM. It is 90thrifty Lizzard and humid already (same as back in Massachusetts today). The weather report for the south is 90’s feeling like 100’s.

7:46 AM Went through heading for Texas on 34 in Georgia. There was no place to get a good picture. Later Bob found this sign and texted, “On the yellow brick road…off to c da wizzard (oopz, Lizzard)” 😉

11:15 – Entering Selma, Alabama.

Gary Fitzpatrick left Massachusetts this morning trying to meet Bob somewhere.Selma

The first heavy rain was in Purvis, Mississippi.  The roads to day were i85 through Atlanta, 34W – 22W- 5 – US43 – US 84 – US11- 26 – 21 – 59 to Albita Springs. Got stuck at a railroad crossing north of Selma for a 45 minute train. It was a brutal wait in the awful heat. No pictures, just a long boring train.

Got into town and called “Uncle” Dewey who sent me on a 25 mile witch-hunt looking for his place, but I found him anyway. He still looks the same as he did when we first met him in 1982 at a BMW rally in Pennsylvania. We went out to dinner at a great seafood place, I had seared tuna and he ordered catfish.

Dewey 2 Dewey 3 - Oyster restaurant

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Hello Ron!

6:28 AM – Auburn, GA at Ron Kotler’s house. Ron is a fellow locksmith that Bob has known for years. Ron also is a master barbequer (sp)! Bob’s hanging out here for Ron's barbeque Ron & Mary Ron & Bobthe day and drooling while he waits for the BARBEQUE! Ron also has an awesome tree house that Bob says the grand kids would absolutely love.

Ron's vanbarbecue Bob in the treehouse

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Ohhh the fog!

7/26/15 – woke up today to super thick fog. Bob headed out at 6:15 AM and left Waynesboro, VDeals GapA. The next stop was Wythville, VA for breakfast.

4:15 PM – there was no service in the Smokey Mountains so I didn’t hear from Bob until now. He’s in Pigeon Forge,TN heading for the Dragon’s Tail and Shiners Run US321. The routes taken roughly US219 – 28, came down a lot of different roads, basically hugged US11.

After riding the Dragon’s Tail, Bob stopped at the souvenir shop. “Highway 28 is awesome and Shiners Run has a few hairpins but, is way nicer than the Dragon’s Tail.”Deal's Gap 2 Deals Gap Lot

8:30 PM – Bob stopped in Athens, GA after he  miscalculated where his buddy’s town was, he overshot it. The roads were too nice and he didn’t pay attention! 8-). “I’ll see him tomorrow.”

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Texas or Bust!

IMG_0996     7/25/15 – Bob never sleeps well before a big trip, anxious to get going, so he woke and left the house at 2:00 AM. By 6:21 he was at Bear Mountain in Vernon, NJ. “freezing my ass off”. (What! it’s July, the middle of summer).

7:49 am – Breakfast at Vernon, NJ. – It’s still cold and he’s using the heated  hand grips on his 88 Custom Harley Davidson Heritage. He thinks two hours from now he’ll be dying for this cold air. He traveled through the 7 Lakes Drive , NY(a favorite of ours) to rte 106-17A over IMG_0997mount Peter to Rte 94.IMG_0999IMG_0998

10:35 am – Next stop, Krumsville, PA. Virginville and Maidencreek, Gettysburg PA, and Emmitsburg, MD , Shenandoah National Park and finally Waynesboro, VA. to settle in for the night around 7:30 PM.

The ride through the park is awesome but the speed limit is only 35 mph. The decision to stop riding for the night was the increase in wildlife on the roads and the bear that ran across in front of him on the parkway in Waynesboro, VA.

Waynesboro Motel $60.00.IMG_1001         IMG_1002

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We Made It Home!

Got in about 9:30pm. Bandit smothered us with kisses and Elise is relieved we are home. All is well. I will get back to posting the details of the trip when I recover. This was the longest day of riding yet. 😝

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Riding to meet the hurricane

We left Harrisburg, PA. Heading east and trying to beat hurricane Arthur which is heading north up the coast. We’re hoping to get home tonight before it gets to Massachusetts. 😎

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Quick update

We are safe and moving. I have not posted because of technical difficulties and tiredness.

It is much harder to blog a trip that you’re actually doing yourself. It was easier to blog Bob’s trip because I was home on my own computer.

We are in Weston, WV getting ready to head to the Pocono mountains in PA.

I will try to update with details and pictures, when I can of the past few days.

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