Preparation began last August, immediately after receiving my acceptance letter to ride the Hoka Hey.

There’s a lot to get ready…me, my Harley, my gear… this is going to take a little over a month to complete so I need to think this through carefully. First I spent a lot of time and reviewed what I have and made a list to check off as I added things I needed to buy. I spent hours over the past year on the internet looking for certain items and ordering them. Here’s my list and some pictures of the stuff I’m gathering together.

This is the way I make a list...

Some items were gifts from friends at my awesome surprise 60th birthday party Lou and the girls threw for me last September. Like this stuff... if I need it, I hope it works!

bivy bag, pillow etc..

sleeping bag, waterproof bags, t-shirt

Of course there's a trailer in the driveway...

This is my ride. A 1988 Custom Heritage Harley Davidson